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Furniture maintenance, furniture maintenance knowledge

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Furniture maintenance, furniture maintenance knowledge

17/10/10 14:19
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Furnituremaintenanceknowledge1:dustremoval Oftenusesoftcottonclothtowipethedustonthesurfaceofthefurniturealongthedirectionofthewood.Beforecleaningthedust,youshoulddipsomedetergentonthesoftcloth,anddon
Furniture maintenance knowledge 1: dust removal
Often use soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the furniture along the direction of the wood. Before cleaning the dust, you should dip some detergent on the soft cloth, and don't wipe it with dry cloth to avoid wiping. For a long time, with a damp cotton yarn moisture will be dust at the corner of the wood furniture carefully wipe, and then wipe the wooden furniture, and then to clean dry soft fine cotton cloth Kaigan can. It can also be coated with a thin layer of high quality light wax after drying, which not only maintains the wooden furniture, but also increases its brightness.
Furniture maintenance knowledge two: clean
In order to remove the pollutants on the surface of furniture and fumes, it is recommended to use special furniture cleaners, which can also help remove the excess wax.
Furniture: three waxing maintenance knowledge
A small amount of varnish is applied on the rag, which is very fast in furniture. But it is often necessary to dust the furniture two times later. Oil attracts dust, not dust. So if the furniture shines after the oil shines, it will soon be covered with dust. And a lot of dust and oil will combine together, resulting in furniture becomes extremely difficult to clean, but prone to scratches. Liquid wax is better than polish oil to a certain extent. They can make a protective layer on the surface of wood, so that the dust falls down rather than stick, but the protection time is not as long as that of sand wax.
Furniture maintenance knowledge four: repair small scratches
For veneer furniture and solid wood furniture, patching them is very simple: just buy a wax bar in your local store and try to choose the color that best matches the color of your wood. As long as you paint the color on the scratch, your job is done. Wax will help you protect your furniture from various attacks, and its color can also hide scratches. Then wax the part of the furniture again to make sure that the wax has been scratched and not painted on the bare wood.
Furniture maintenance knowledge five: water mark treatment
The water mark usually takes a while to disappear. If it is still visible after a month, wipe with a clean soft cloth coated with a little salad oil or mayonnaise at the water mark and in the direction of the wood grain. Or can be covered with wet cloth on the mark, and then use the electric iron carefully press the wet cloth several times, mark printing can be diluted.
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