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Facts about a variety of board used in furniture

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Facts about a variety of board used in furniture

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17/10/10 14:13
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According to the material classification, the board can be divided into two categories: solid wood board and artificial board. According to the forming classification, they can be divided into solid board, plywood, fiberboard, panel, fireproof board and so on.
What are the categories of furniture boards and what are the characteristics of them?
Wood board (commonly known as big core board)
Wood board (commonly known as big core board) is a plywood with solid wood core, its vertical (to the core plate to distinguish), the bending strength is poor, but the transverse bending strength is higher. Now most of the market is solid, glue, double-sided sanding, five layers of blockboard, is currently one of the most commonly used decorative plate.
In fact, the better the quality of the wood board environmental protection coefficient is also guaranteed, but the cost is higher, and later painting and other procedures, will be more or less will be an environmentally friendly products become less green. Usually, in the furniture room made of wood board, it must be ventilated and ventilated, preferably vacant for a few months and then move into.
Is the particleboard, various branches, small logs, wood, wood and other fast-growing material cutting into a certain size pieces, dried and mixed with glue, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a man-made board is pressed on a certain temperature and pressure, because of its profile similar to a honeycomb, so called for particleboard.
In addition the particleboard internal moisture factor "or" moistureproof agent "and other raw materials, has become the people usually speak moistureproof particieboard, referred to as the moisture-proof board, a moisture barrier function is because itself has certain particleboard moisture, small coefficient of expansion after the moisture absorption, is widely used for cabinets, bathroom cabinets etc. the environment, but in reality, has become many inferior particleboard more impurities cover internal tools.
Green particleboard is added to the particleboard to form green particleboard, which is called green particleboard at present. Many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board, but there is no scientific basis. The top brands at home and abroad are mostly base materials.
Everyone in some businesses say they are making high-density plate cabinet, according to the above standard density might weigh a sheet weight per unit area, to see the degree is not high density board, or MDF sheet as high density board sales, this may affect the part of the business interests, but from the perspective of business integrity publicity is the high density board will not be afraid of the customer to verify.
Solid wood finger jointing board
The finger board, also known as integrated board, integrated timber, finger joint lumber, wood board piece is through deep processed like "fingers" spliced, because the jagged interfaces used in wood, similar to finger cross docking, so the finger board.
Due to the cross combination of the original wood strips, the combination structure itself has a certain binding force, and because it does not need to stick up and down the surface panel, its use of glue is extremely tiny.
Before we take the camphorwood finger board as the cabinet backplane, even as a selling point to sell, but do have appeared in part of the cracking and deformation situation in the late stage, it was canceled as a cabinet backplane using camphor wood.
Here I want to remind you to use the finger board of cabinet furniture making customers, we must carefully select the sheet, and later cracking and deformation may happen to producers as a good negotiation, whether business or personal, are the first to say after the chaos, good communication trouble later less.
Granular plate
The so-called solid wood particle board, in fact, is made of particleboard, which is a kind of particleboard and belongs to homogeneous particleboard.
Homogeneous particleboard called OSB, is a small diameter timber, thinning wood, wood core, slab, wood and other raw materials through processing equipment for growth of 40mm, 70mm, 20mm, width 5mm, thickness 0.3mm, slice 0.7mm, drying, sizing and special equipment will form the core layer slice is arranged in a crisscross pattern orientation after the pavement, by a hot press molding of artificial board.
The flakes of homogeneous particleboard is dried by single channel dryer advanced, low expansion coefficient, moisture-proof performance is very good, the plane is the implementation of the directional layers of pavement, so its internal uniform texture, than ordinary particleboard and MDF powder nail holding force, bending pressure and stability are stronger.
Multilayer solid wood board
The multilayer solid wood board is made of multi layer plywood with crisscross arrangement as the base material, and the surface is made of high quality solid wood skin or technical wood. It is made by several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and health preserving.
The multi-layer solid wood board has good performance is not easy to deform and good indoor temperature and humidity regulation, the surface layer of wood veneer material and texture and handle with natural real wood, so more selective. Therefore, it is popular among consumers.
Multilayer solid wood furniture has good structural stability, and it is not easy to deform. Because of longitudinal bonding and high temperature and high pressure, the deformation defects of the solid wood board are solved from the internal stress. In the production process, the use of self-made high-quality environmental protection glue, so that the product of formaldehyde emission limits meet the national standard requirements, green environmental protection.
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What plates should be used for decoration? The specific decoration plate classification and characteristics are as follows:
Solid Wood Panel
As the name suggests, solid wood board is made of wood made of complete wood. These boards are durable and natural, and are among the best of them. But because of the high cost of this plate, and the construction process requires high, but in use, but not a few.
Solid wood board in accordance with the general