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1、Before using the furniture should be four feet pad to ensure smooth furniture, or furniture will affect the structural strength, service life, at the same time on the high Cabinet will lead to the Cabinet side, open the door, drawer closed lax.

2、Shelf can not be overloaded to use, is strictly prohibited floating shelves, furniture damage to personal injury. Wooden shelves bear a load of <15kg and glass shelves bear a load of <5kg.

3、When the surface of the furniture is dirty, use a soft cloth to wipe. Serious stains, the appearance of high-gloss furniture surface with a neutral cleaning agent or furniture wax to wipe the stain, and then use a soft dry cloth wipe; low gloss exterior furniture surface does not use special wax rub Try, you can use soap and water wipe dry rub method to remove heavy stains.

4、Note that the fabric soaked with neutral detergent Do not place the surface of the furniture film too long, otherwise the organic solvents contained therein will encroach on the paint film, discoloration or peeling paint film.

5、Pay attention to the edges and corners of the furniture Do not wipe too much, because the corners of the film at the other surface than the thin film, too easy to rub off the edges easily stripping paint.

6、When using the dresser should pay attention: nail polish can not directly contact the table, otherwise it will cause the film peeling or discoloration. Use a spray gel immediately after wiping the vanity mirror, or hair gel sticking to the mirror for a long time difficult to remove.

7、Mattresses should be frequently carried out in the sun, ventilation to remove moisture, frequent removal of bed dust, mattresses often upside down to extend its life.

8、Rough or wool fabric products, daily soft brush dust can be. Cloth products vacuum at least once a week, especially between the fabric structure of the dust.

9、Leather, pigskin and other smooth shiny leather products once a week for routine maintenance, use a soft cotton water wring dry, gently wipe several times.

10、Knitted fabric is easy to absorb dust, so the daily maintenance is extremely important, please brush with the soft brush or vacuum cleaner, fabric dirty place or oil can be neutral detergent immersed in the stains, gently tap to remove the stain If you rub your hands will make the area of stains expanded. If you find loose thread, do not tear it by hand, use scissors to cut it flat.

11、Leatherette fabric product maintenance using a dry cloth or a damp cloth light rub, do not use containing acid, alkali detergent composition, because the artificial leather case of acid, alkali material will change color, aging.

12、Maintenance of metal parts: Often check the door hinge, drawer slide, sliding door sliding rail and other regular activities of the accessories, when found to use the screw loose parts should be immediately tightened; When the furniture moved to the position immediately after checking the hardware accessories and re-tighten has been loose Hardware accessories; found that the use of abnormal noise when the activities of accessories, parts of the need to increase the amount of active parts of the lubricant, and the excess oil wipe with a cloth.

Furniture handling, storage should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the product packaging, storage environment requires ventilation, dry, users move the furniture in use, must be flat, flat, too large or too heavy furniture must be two or more, for large products Must be disassembled and transported.