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Customer implementation of "three to send one get" service;

That is: to help customers choose products, product design, product installation; Free delivery in the city.


Pre-service guarantee:Designed by professionals free of charge (Planar 3D) to help you plan for a space-saving and cost-effective environment.

Sales service tracking:By professional and technical personnel with the decoration unit coordination, to ensure that furniture delivery and installation of accurate.

After-sales service response:

        1、Support hotline:0451-57673434  

        2、Complaint hotline:0451-82341117

        3、Add:Hongxiang Road, Nangang District, Harbin City on the 35th 

        4、The city receives the customer to make the demand telephone, within 1 hour response;   

        5、The province received the customer to make phone calls within 1 days response;   

        6、Outside the region received the customer request, 2-7 days to the scene service。


Service assurance ability:   

        1、24 hours a day service;   

        2、There are 6 dedicated customer service freight vehicles;   

        3、There are 20 professional and technical service workers

        4、There are two professional back-staff;   

        5、Enterprises with information inquiry system, accurate and quick display of customer information。