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BRAW Industries & Development Co., Ltd.


        Founded in 1986, BRAW is a well established furniture company in the northern region of China. Since mid 1990s BRAW has partner with German furniture companies and focused on R&D, production, sales and service of furniture.

        Having a first-class furniture exhibition center and production lines, BRAW uses some of the most advanced German and Italian manufacturing equipment in its production process to ensure the end product are of highest quality. 

        BRAW adheres to the "people-oriented" design concept and has introduced new and emerging technology into its products to boost user productivity and efficiency. Together with the world renowned German designer Mr. Wolfgan Weiss, BRAW will continue to experiment and introduce the next generation of office and public use furnitures, incorporating the 4E's at BRAW: Esthetic, Ergonomic, Efficient, and Environmentally responsible.

        BRAW focuses on functional development of furniture and style development, each product has its use value and artistic and cultural value of vitality, accompanied by excellent pre-sale, delivery, and after-sales services.












Corporate Motto

Honest /Pragmatic/Innovative


The BRAW philosophy

The word "BRAW" means fine, excellent or pleasant in English and it can be the single word to describe what we do and what our products represent. 


Aside from its intrinsic meaning, we have our own take on this word. Each letter in the word BRAW is an abbreviation of the following: B (Best and beauty), R (Righteousness), A (Assurance), W (Wisdom).


As such, our philosophy is to attract and retain the best talent with integrity, and by their collective knowledge and wisdom we can create beautiful products that our customer can enjoy with assurance.













BRAW 4E standard:





        Environmentally Responsible